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Our Mission

It's long been seen as the American Dream to take charge of your own destiny, to be your own boss. We're here to help support that dream of owning your own business. 

But with the ever-changing world of online marketing, even some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs need help. We're here to be your partner in business and make your venture a success - whatever that means. 

We value quality work, honest business, and chasing that American Dream.

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About CDM

Cache Digital Marketing started as a dream for an MBA student who fell in love with marketing and branding. After a few years thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, I decided to finally combine my love for online marketing and small business into something I could do to not only earn a living, but also help other people experience the American Dream. 

CDM is owned and operated in Logan, UT by Scott Ostermiller. While I'm a marketing professional, there's much more than just that side to me. I'm married to a wonderful wife of 10 years and together we have 3 adorable kids (I should know - my wife made them).

If you call us during the day, you'll get to talk to the real boss, Jennie. She's the one that tells me where to be, for how long, and with whom. She specializes in helping me keep our customers as the main focus of our business.

I also have an MBA from the John M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University where we focused on entrepreneurship.

Living in Logan, I love being in the mountains hiking, fishing, camping, and trail running. I'm also super cool and have my own YouTube channel devoted to another love of my life - traditional (or "wet") shaving. Yes, you read that correctly. 

 Our Team.

Our Team.

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